Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boys Over Flowers Drama

YOP! salam.. :)

hehe.. hari ni Farah nak kasi link free bagi korang2 yg minat cerita korea!
ini link untuk tgk cerita Boys Over Flowers online ye?

tapi, tu epsod 23 tau? huhu! nak yg lain boleh scroll kat bawah.

Macam mana? suka tak? 


Shin Hwa School is a school for rich people, attended by Goo Jun Pyo, the heir of the global corporation ShinHwa Group, Yoon Ji Hoo, Soh Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin which form a gang called F4. Jun Pyo, the leader of F4, is the main ruffian.
Geum Jan Di, who is not from rich family, ends up attending ShinHwa School when she saves a boy from jumping off the rooftop and is given a scholarship to quiet down all the publicity the incident has caused. The entire school worships the F4 except for Jan Di. However, she holds a certain soft spot for Yoon Ji Hoo, who appears to be different from the other three. Jan Di finally speaks up against F4 to defend her friend. From then on, she becomes Jun Pyo's main rival. Almost every time Jan Di is bullied, she is helped by Ji Hoo in some way. Jan Di and Jun Pyo's rivalry intensifies, but at the same time it is a source of amusement for him as Jan Di has now caught his attention.
The story develops and Jun Pyo slowly starts falling for Jan Di. On the other hand, Jan Di's attention is on Ji Hoo, her savior, but ultimately, as the story progresses, her heart is with Jun Pyo. The couple faces many obstacles as they continue to struggle for their love.

harap berhibur ye? tak faham boleh tanya teruss!!

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Ratu Lissa said...

cerita nie memang best! cerita terbaik saya pernah tengok, hehe ^^ playful kiss pun best jgk. tapi yang nie lagi best! :)