Sunday, 26 October 2014

I love them but one day I should STOP

Woaahh.. Im not post anything more than 3 months(?) haha 
Okay actually.. Farah ada benda sikit nak luahkan untuk diri sendiri haha

sorry my grammar ya?

Well, Overdose Era is the not the great era for me and for all EXO-Ls
yes. Growl Era is the best era for us(exo-ls)..

Firts, Kris inactive in exo
second, Baekhyun dating
third, Luhan inactive in exo

Yes, deeply inside im so damn hurt T__T sometime I feel like I want to stop loving them cause it is hurt. Really-really hurt. Be a kpoppers is hard,..

I miss the moment when .. I'm just fangirling over 4Minute.. It is not hurt ... 
For 3 years, I only focus to them until EXO came into my life..

I am not telling you guys that EXO destroyed my life. NO!
Just sometime, I feel like... loving someone who will never know me (and other exo-ls too)

I also feel like I really-really love them more than just an Idol.
One day they will marry and will have their own family. 
They also will have their own Girlfriend and yes.. I want them to be happy but I don't want them to couple, ect. And I feel like.. Oh How stupid am I right? If I want them to be happy, we need to face the true fact.. one day they will find their true love and their true happiness...

I will have my own family too XD So that's mean... I will stop loving them..

Maybe, I will put all exo's merch in one big box and talk to the box?

"Dear box, please take care of my merchandise" 

haha lol I am crazy XD

We support them
buy their albums, merchs, ect and sometimes it will waste our money but we never care right?

we do a project to support them..

That is us(kpoppers)

You know? sometimes...I sat on my bed, thinking about this. Sometimes I feel like... I almost forgot who am I(?) Okay.. I dont know how to say about this... 

I keep spazzing about them 
I keep follow their schedule (actually not haha)
I keep worry if  they are okay or not...

I miss the moment when our fandom problem is only NO SUBTITLES for their show haha..
But now, this fandom is no longer fun anymore
rumors everywhere and its so damn hurt! 

I'm still young to change all this right?
Maybe I should stop but really I can't. I will slowly stop spazzing and stop be a hardcore kpoppers.

Guys, one day.. one day.. not bts' song okay?

ONE DAY, you guys wake up from your beautiful soundly sleep.. and suddenly you guys will thinking about this =) Thinking about to letting go all this beautifuls, hurts memories in your mind and makes some changes for a better life ^^

I want to focus and catch what I want right now

Maybe I will stop loving them but I will forever and ever support them until the end

It's really hurt when I wrote this long post. I'm crying... because... i don't know.. maybe because one day I will find the true life. the most better life than this =) 

I will forever support EXO .. because of them, Im crying and laughing...

We have friends and families who will always support me here.
And they have their friends n families to support them too. Maybe we too?


Will forever support EXO
Forever and ever

But loving them until the end..
sorry.. I cant promise.

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