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tragic killing of 13 year old girl

tragic killing of 13 year old girl.

13 year old girl spends all her time on her exo fanbase. the dad talked to her many times but she didn't change so one day the dad killed her when she said 'stars are better than parents'

the father gave her many chances but she didn't stop... and the father went crazy...

I’m writing this in response to this post here about the young girl who was murdered by her father. Why?
Because this posts and the commentary on it have made me so angry, upset and outright disgusted. I’m going to explain why in the hopes I’ll get through to someone, instead of just wallowing about it.
What makes me really upset is the bolded commentary and some peoples additional comments ranging from “I feel sorry for him” to “she deserved to die” and the sidetracking because we all know this has nothing to do with exo can we please not have lectures about unhealthy obsessions. Please don’t derail such an important topic, however good your intentions.
Very few children develop such intense obsessions, often children who do have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or are suffering and use it as an escape. These are both also potential reasons children would behave so badly. I am not going to deny that her (reported, by her father who murdered her, let’s remember) behaviour was awful. Children are rarely so badly behaved without reason. Be it caused by an ASD or other neurological condition, abuse, bullying etc. it’s very likely this child was already suffering. It’s mentioned her mother was disabled and her family was poor - it would not shock me at all if she’d been bullied, which would also account for her “demanding” that ticket for a “friend” (ie a bully who’d make her life worse.
But you know what, all that isn’t even important. "Come to your senses before making a judgement"???? you say when people condemn the act of murdering a child. I’m sorry but anyone who thinks there’s ever any justification for murdering your own child is in desperate need of help. A parents role is to protect their child, not to harm them and certainly not to kill them.
Her behaviour may have been awful but she was just a child!
What kind of father would ever threaten his child with a knife? That alone is an act of child abuse and whether it was an isolated incident that unfortunately lead to her death or part of a long history of abuse we don’t know. It’s still totally inexcusable.
The fact is a man killed his own, thirteen-year old daughter. Her young life has been cut short. If you’re angry at people for leaving comments such as “RIP Angel” or condemning her father’s actions you really need to take a long hard look at yourself.
This was an awful tragedy but please let’s not forget who the real victim is.

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  • For what I want to write here is, this case is not because of EXO. Yeah, maybe she became a Hard Fangirl because of exo but hmm.. His father also cannot treat his daugther using knife! >< She still a child! A CHILD! She still do not know what the good thing and a bad thing. yes, maybe you say this girl is already 13th but its doesn't mean she already know everything right? 

The tragedy started in November 2013. When the 13-year-old girl cannot find her pencil sharpener, she said she didn’t want to go to school anymore. Her father, Zhou Kai, got mad, “You are sitting on your computer all the time! […] You only know how to spend money!” The daughter coldly replied, “It’s only about the money. I can give it back to you later.” Her father softened and told her, “You don’t have to return the money to me. No matter how awesome those superstars are, they don’t love you as much as your parents. Do you know this is affecting your study?” only to receive another heart-wrenching reply from his daughter, “I LOVE THEM A THOUSAND TIMES MUCH MORE THAN I LOVE YOU! IDOLS ARE A LOT BETTER THAN YOU!”
Being sent to the edge by his daughter’s words, Zhou Kai came into the kitchen to find a knife. He only meant to threaten his daughter, but the situation got worse when she mercilessly cursed at her own father. She screamed, “IDOLS ARE A LOT BETTER THAN ALL THE PARENTS LIKE YOU!” That was the end of his tolerance when he madly hacked his own daughter by the knife he found in the kitchen earlier, “I saw my little girl fall down, rolled from the sofa to the ground. [..] I wanted to save her but it was too late.” After that he attempted to suicide by continuously cutting his left wrist. When the police and the ambulance arrived, his daughter was already dead, and he was sent to an emergency room at a nearby hospital. He is now accused of murder. Adding to the heartbreaking tragedy, two months after the day he killed his daughter was supposed to be her 14th birthday.
At the court, the true story was revealed. In the last one year, Zhou Kai’s daughter spent most of her time on the Internet. She went straight to her room after she came home from school and didn’t even bother eating. She spent more and more money on clothes, bags, etc. merchandise. Posters of those superstars were all over her bedroom’s walls. Talking to his mother, Zhou Kai knew his daughter was obsessed with a Korean boy group named EXO. Posters, clothes and everything she bought are related to this boy group. She yelled at anyone who tried to get close to her computer. In addition, she also joined a fanclub of EXO and spent all her time to organize fanmeeting for this club.
"Owning a house was a luxury dream for our family." Zhou Kai sadly said at the court. In 1998, Zhou Kai came to Beijing on his own and worked really hard. In the eyes of his neighbors, Zhou Kai is an honest, introverted person with an easygoing attitude. He is also very diligent in cooking and cleaning at home. Zhou Kai’s wife has mental illness issues and disabilities. Since little, Zhou Kai’s daughter has never loved her mother. She barely called her “mom”. She usually said to herself, “Why didn’t I have a pretty mother? I’m afraid I cannot find myself a boyfriend when I have a mother like this.” She even dissed her father badly. One time when he asked her to turn off her computer before 4AM, she cursed at him saying that he was worse than dogs to receive a slap back from her father. Zhou Kai told the court his father-daughter relationship with his daughter changed when she got into junior highschool. They had to move to another place since she said the old place where they lived was “too noisy to focus in homework.” However, after moving, Zhou Kai noticed his daughter began to be immersed deeply into the social network on the Internet and spent more money, sometimes up to thousands of yuan.
In October 2013, EXO performed in Beijing. The cost for a ticket is too expensive for a person from low-class family like Zhou Kai to afford—1,200 yuan which exceeded the monthly salary of Zhou Kai. Nevertheless, his daughter insisted on going to the concert, even saying she wanted to buy another ticket for a friend and some presents for her idols. Her father explained, “We are not rich, we don’t have enough money.” to which his daughter replied, “So?! Why don’t you go and make more money?!?!!” Finally, her grandmother had to give her 2,700 yuan to fulfill her wish.
Zhou Kai sadly told the court, “When I heard she said “Idols are a lot better than all the parents like you!” I could not comprehend anymore. It broke my heart completely.”

***The reason why I posted the full article and my rough translation here is because the news have started to reach international fans with only one or two sentences, for example, “a 13-year-old girl was killed by her father because she likes EXO”, “this EXO fan was killed by her dad because her dad was too angry when she said ‘stars are better than parents”, etc. in which DOES NOT REFLECT ANYTHING AND COMPLETELY DISTORTED THE TRUTH. It angered me already with the people who gave no fucks in trying to find the whole article or do more research before posting it on some random forums, let alone people who had zero understanding about the whole story wrote such comments, “Poor girl!”, “R.I.P little angel”, “Is her father crazy?”, etc. Come to your sense before making a judgement. - exolutely

  • I know his father love her father love her so much and her father want a best thing to his daugther. but yeah, the thing already happen. Maybe because her father already lost his temper maybe? because he already gave a lot of chance to his daughter change. Not change but he want his daughther less his time with a computer. 

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EXO MEMBER cartoon ver by me

Hello guys! Iwant to intro u too EXO member cartoob ver xD this cartoon was draw by me. I was so bored so  I made this kkkkkk

- Leader, Lead Vocalist(exo-k)
 - Main Vocalist(exo-k)

 - Main Vocalist(exo-k)
- Main Rapper(exo-k)

- Lead Rapper, Main Dancer(exo-k)
-Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae(exo-k)

- Leader, Rapper(exo-m)
- Rapper, Lead Vocalist(exo-m)
 - Main Vocalist. Lead Dancer (exo-m)
 - Main Vocalist (exo-m)

 - Lead Rapper, Main Dancer(exo-m)

- Main Rapper, Maknae(exo-m)

Hahahhaaha XD sorry for the weird cartoon and the position too. I add the main and lead kkkkk xD