Thursday, 20 March 2014

EXO MEMBER cartoon ver by me

Hello guys! Iwant to intro u too EXO member cartoob ver xD this cartoon was draw by me. I was so bored so  I made this kkkkkk

- Leader, Lead Vocalist(exo-k)
 - Main Vocalist(exo-k)

 - Main Vocalist(exo-k)
- Main Rapper(exo-k)

- Lead Rapper, Main Dancer(exo-k)
-Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae(exo-k)

- Leader, Rapper(exo-m)
- Rapper, Lead Vocalist(exo-m)
 - Main Vocalist. Lead Dancer (exo-m)
 - Main Vocalist (exo-m)

 - Lead Rapper, Main Dancer(exo-m)

- Main Rapper, Maknae(exo-m)

Hahahhaaha XD sorry for the weird cartoon and the position too. I add the main and lead kkkkk xD 

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Sally Samsaiman said... EXO! hahaha :P